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Free Art Of Business For Good Checklist: How To
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What Is This About?
Everey day you make buying decisions which have far reaching impacts.

Your daily spending supports and promotes organisations making change in the world.

Sometimes for good but often against your values.

Often it's hard to figure out which choices to trust.

There are a lot of us who care about the big issues in the world.

In 2017 we saw the biggest demonstrations in human history with more than 5 million women in 24 hours protesting against corporate corruption and ethics in politics and business.

In 2018 we see a groundswell of people seeking change. We're not prepared to accept corporations, brands and governments which disguise their actions as wholesome or safe when in reality they are the opposite. 

Many of us don't want to feed your family toxins, choose insurance or a phone provider whose profits go to support the arms trade, use everyday products tested on 1 million animals, all risking your and your loved ones' health and security.

Which means you currently can't know what your purchasing decision impacts because the layers of ownership are hidden from you even though your beliefs are being violated through this deceitful old fashioned way of business.

And, worst of all, most women and men wanting change in the world can't get past the idea that finding out the truth about your every day purchases is impossible and choosing popular, better alternatives is too hard.

But there's now a solution to your problem.

So if you're one of the millions wanting change in the world, who really needs to make buying decisions but can't figure out which choices to trust, here's the solution you've been looking for...

Introducing...  "Buy A Better World and The Art Of Business For Good Checklist".

The rules of being a consumer have changed. This new transparent accountability puts you in control instead of the corporations, with their spin and layers of ownership hiding the truth of what they do...

You don't need to cross your fingers and hope you're making the right decisions.

Now your choices have instant credibility because you have the full information behind the brands...

The Buy A Better World process makes it simple and easy to live your life your way...

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The Checklist Is Free: $1 Donations Accepted Towards Operation Underground Railroad because
every 30 seconds a child is sold for sex slavery, labour, or organ harvesting 
Human Trafficking Of Children Is The Fastest Growing Criminal Enterprise In The United States... 
And The World Doesn’t Know.
We help O.U.R. go to the darkest corners of the Earth to rescue children from the grip of sex trafficking. 
It’s our job to not turn a blind eye to the darkness. Evil flourishes when the truth doesn’t stand up for itself. 
We Are Humanity+
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Queen of Snapchat, BBC,
Founder, I Trust You Movement
"I had no idea about the truths Angela has uncovered - it is absolutely true that women's wallets will change the world faster than anything. Read this!"
Sonia Meaden OBE
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"Angela is always up there with the latest trends and accurate information."
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Here's What You'll Discover From This 
Free Art Of Business Checklist Today:
  • How every decision becomes easier - from your coffee to your mortgage, your phone company to the car you drive
  • How to protect people, animals and the environment around the world
  • How to help Operation Underground Railroad, rescuing children from sex slavery and organ harvesting, because a child is stolen every 30 seconds in today's world
  • How to stop wasting money on overpriced buying decisions which are destructive to your way of life
  • How to have the facts you need instantly available with access to the hidden information on what need to know
  • Where to discover brands and products you and your family will prefer and avoid the "Rogue Elephants In The Room"!
  • Where to get accurate information on cryptocurrencies and digital ledger technologies like blockchain, tangle, lattice, and holochain, giving you and the world financial freedom 
  • How to make financial choices so your money works harder and what you buy costs you less...
  • How the new transparent accountability puts you in control instead of the corporations with their spin and layers of ownership hiding the truth of what happens with your money
  • How to live in tune with how you want the world to be
  • What makes it simpler and easier to live your life your way
  • How to start seeing results with “Buy A Better World“ almost immediately with decisions which cost you nothing.
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